BPO Training

In Vietnam there are about 6.7 million people with disabilities (PWDs), representing approximately 7.44% of the total Vietnamese population, which is a fairly high rate. However, job opportunities for PWDs is still scarce, yet mainly generated by the enterprises which over 51% of the workforce is PWDs. Most PWDs still encounter many difficulties in life and obstacles to integrate into community. To create jobs for PWDs and to help them integrate into community, creating the comprehensive cooperation among enterprises in need of labor recruitment to provide training courses and suitable jobs for them later should be deeply concerned.

Contributing to training activities and creating jobs for PWDs, since Jan 2011, VBPO has officially deployed training courses for PWDs. It is also the initial step for building up Human Resource Development Centre cherised by VBPO’s director board from the very first day of establishment which is aimed at training and developing human resource for VBPO in particular and other companies in the Central of Vietnam in general.

Course Content

Timeframe: 3 months – 6 months – 9 months


– Traning data entry skills. Providing necessary knowledge on job, effective working skills as works required

– Traning professional data entry skills, primary Japanese capicity and primary Kanji capicity

After training, the qualified trainees will be recruited to be official staffs of VBPO.


– Open more specific training courses on BPO such as: programming, accounting, website design, DTP, etc. in short term (3 months to 9 months) and long term (over 1 year).

– Expand the scale and frequency of training courses, increase the quantity of trainees and trainers, and develop infrastructure to ensure adequately and timely supplying for growth needs of the training center.

– At least 70% of trainees who pass the final exam will be recruited to VBPO or introduced to other relevant companies.

Training activities

  • Jul 2010: Established with 14 employees.
  • Jan 2011: 2nd recruitment with 24 employees, including 3 PWDs. Deploys the 1st 3-month BPO Training Course with 16 PWD students.
  • Apr 2011: Finished BPO Training Course No.1.
  • May 2011: Officially recruited 100% training-course graduated students to VBPO and offered 1-month internship to the others.
  • Jun 2011: Solid training programs such as training course contents, skills development model, training methods, etc.
  • Jul 2011: 3rd recruitment with 30 ~ 50 employees.
  • Aug 2014: Training for 08 PWD students
  • Sep 2014: Conducted a medium-term training course for 11 PWD students


Trainees’ Feedbacks

“These courses are not only suitable for BPO jobs in VBPO but also consistent with my capacity. Rather than IT skills, I also learnt a lot about soft skills, thus now I am more confident in life. Later, I would like to develop Japanese skills to work better .”

Nguyễn Văn Nhân – VBPO’s staff (First Ranking in the 2nd Training Course)


“After 3 months of continuous learning, I can read, write and type Japanese and Vietnamese. My Vietnamese typing speed has reached 0.5 sec/character. I was always looking forward to working in a company related to computer science, so when I’m able to work in VBPO, I am very happy. (I myself am a accountant but before working at VBPO, I couldn’t find a job).”

Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Cảnh – VBPO’s staff