We currently provide the services as listed below –

Data Processing

VBPO provides comprehensive data processing services to meet customers’ diversified requirements with the highest accuracy and effect. We not only offer accurate and prompt data processing services but also keep close contact with clients through secured and reliable computer network.

Recently, we provide the detailed data processing services as mentioned below – including split image solution to ensure better conditions for security. Our services range from document scanning to content exporting and data management, transforming hard copies (paper) and other electronic data into any form of output specified by our customer. You will be satisfied with our services as they are provided with highest accuracy and responsibility.

  1. Data digitizing: administrative documents, asset management, portfolio management, etc.
  2. Data mining for medical diagnosis
  3. Importing ebook
  4. Importing market survey
  5. Importing print and handwriting documents
  6. Importing list of mails
  7. Importing invoices, couriers
  8. Importing registering application and credit card
  9. Tax models importing and managing
  10. Importing database of online purchasing
  11. Optical character recognition (OCR)
  12. Data formatting, classification, statistic and analysis.

Business Management

VBPO provides solutions and services for optimizing management process to save time and cost, which helps business operate more effectively without a huge management process and offers favorable conditions for managers to focus on key business activities.

Finance & Accounting

Business accounting, sell accounting, purchase accounting, general accounting, securities services, transactions management, financial management and analysis, etc.

Come with VBPO, clients can save a large amount but it is still ensured that records and documents are completed reasonably in accordance with accounting standards and information secured professionally.

We currently focus on ledger accounting service for enterprises to help their business operation more compactly. Ledger accounting, which is part of general accounting, relates to accounts calculating, detailed accounting, balance sheet and surplus accounting. Our service provide necessary supports for accounting  activities including preparing financial reports, costs reports, taxes reports, etc. Besides, we provide other accounting services in –

– Transactions management

– Fixed accounts management

– Recording for making reports

– Financial management & analysis

We are committed to make our clients comfort and absolutely believe in us when exchanging information. All clients’ data and VBPO’s records are secured by modern and close security network. The security processes are always set priority in mandatory regulations applied for staffs in general and those who join the certain project in particular.

Human Resource Management Service

Payroll, policies handling, training, recruitment, staffs supporting, social welfare services, etc.

Incisively understanding the important role of human resource in operation and organization of enterprises, VBPO’s HR management techniques are implemented to give favorable conditions for all staffs of enterprises promote full potential, which reduce the talent waste and increase the effectiveness.

We support enterprises in below listed  activities –

– Updating staffs’ information: keeping staffs’ profiles and recording their work process, classifying staffs based on working criteria, information about contract ending, etc.

– Payroll: Build up detailed payroll  for each department, each staff

– Improve working capacity for staffs by –

. Setting up clear objectives to help staffs focus on specific tasks and company’s objectives, which helps them acknowledge that their works are recognized and their capacity and achievement are appreciated.

. Identifying  necessary skills of staffs to offer appropriate training programs to help them improve capacity and productivity.

– Timesheet: Setting up basic database to manage staffs, annual leaves, working schedule, overtime, total working time of staffs.

Desktop Publishing 

Whereas the text editor process is normally bound by predefined layouts lacking of ability to present the printed page in complex and aesthetic values ​​such as newspapers, magazines, leaflets, etc, Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the optimal choice to present the printed page most effectively.

Our DTP services include:

– Text formatting

– Page layouts

– Design Layout

– Design and Technic edit

– Convert files PDF to DTP, Word and other formats

– Multi-language layouts


We already provided these finished products:

– Magazine

– Internal news

– Brochure

– Catalog

– Publications

– Staffs handbook

– Book

– Leaflet

– Annual report

Customer Service

We provide various kind of customers services including contact center; directly support via phone, technical support service; consultant for bank and insurance services; sale, marketing and customers services; customers analysis, marketing research, products broadcasting services, etc.

Our customer services will help enterprises access, support and listen to their customers more easily, so that customers care center could make revenue and competitive advantage for businesses.

Other services

Translating – Interpreting: English – Japanese – Vietnamese

Manage Services, Telecom Services