VBPO Joint Stock Company was established on 12 July 2010, located at Floor 20 of Danang Software Park, 02 Quang Trung St., Hai Chau Dist., Danang, Vietnam.

In recent years, due to big enterprises’ demands in organizational and processing improvement, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has been emerging as the second-wave outsourcing. By transferring non-core tasks to the third party, BPO has helped enterprises achieve the organizational excellence to centralize their resources on professional competences. Thus, BPO has been considered as the most effective method to cut costs and raise profits in the context of the global economic downturn.

To meet enterprises’ growth demands and follow the abovesaid new trend of outsourcing, VBPO JSC has been established and provided BPO services to help reduce their pressure on revenue and professionalize their business processes; as well as to open a rich source of jobs for people in the Central area of Vietnam.

As a pioneer in the field of BPO services in Vietnam, VBPO do all the works related to the IT application, from the simple tasks such as data entry, document digitization, etc. to the more complex ones such as accounting – financial services, customer care, graphics handling, etc.

With experienced, professional, dynamic, and enthusiastic staffs, and strategic leaders having flexibility and vision, VBPO will take BPO, the inevitable trend for business in future, to new heights.



“The greatest dream of my life is to create jobs for the disadvantaged and disabled in Vietnam.

Danang in the Central of Vietnam is the first place to realize my dream. I believe that BPO can help create jobs for the disadvantaged and disabled people, and drive the development of the Central of Vietnam. I am proud that my colleagues and we are trying our best to make the dream come true.”

Mr. Tran Manh Huy – CEO of VBPO Joint Stock Company

The vision and the core values we pursued have inspired for the establishment of V.B.P.O and given us the motivation to continuously promote the development of our company. These ideas has constituted the shared target called the “VBPO Dream” which are –

– The dream to utilize IT as a tool to help the disadvantaged and disabled in Vietnam find jobs, which contributes to stabilize social security and bring the wealth and prosperity for our country.

– The dream to create the best working environment for the disadvantaged and disabled in Vietnam in which everyone really enjoys working together and of which all of us are proud.

From these very basic ideas of the founder, Mr. Tran Manh Huy grew the business philosophy of VBPO today. At VBPO, our dream inspires us to be a team of builders with drive for quality and comprehensive excellence. All VBPO members undertake to share our clients’ business challenge, find the best solutions, and achieve success with clients.

Core values

We consider the customer satisfaction as our biggest success. We always encourage creating the working environment that can stably instill the core values of our company.

  • Partnership and quality:We always listen to and are committed to comprehensively satisfy our clients’ demands in any services.
  • Objective and consistency:We exercise the highest level of independent thinking in selecting the best services and solutions to give recommendation for clients. We do all commitment, and once we committed, we will definitely do it.
  • Respect:We obviously acknowledgement the value sthat the diversity brings to our company. Thus, we respect the rights and dignity of each individual.
  • Excellence:We undertake to deliver outstanding values in all services provided.




– Be the leading BPO solution provider in Vietnam (BPO’s HUB)

– Known by our clients and partners as the pioneer company in innovation and creation with the strength of the comprehensive connection in order to provide the best added values for clients by the harmony combination between cost and services’ quality.

– Known by our associates as an ideal working environment of professionalism, the advance teamwork and developing opportunity.


Based on the professionalism, organizational excellence and tight cooperation with clients, VBPO provides clients with the best solutions for cost-cutting and effect-increasing.